Getting to know the Yad Vashem Institution in a workshop in Varena

On 20 May a seminar for Lithuanian teachers took place at the Ąžuolas Gymnasium in Varėna; the seminar had a guest Ms. Noa Sigal, a lecturer from YadVashem – an international school in Israel on the study of the Holocaust.

Teachers from all over Lithuania who are interested in the history of Lithuanian Jews, who organize historical memory projects, commemorative days such as commemoration of the Day of Remembrance of the Victims of the Genocide of Lithuanian Jews took part in the seminar “Education on the Holocaust: presentation of the topic and methodology”. At the seminar, teachers shared their experiences on the activities implemented.

The seminar was attended by a lecturer Ms. Noa Sigal from Israel, YadVashem – an international school of Holocaust studies. The lecturer presented the YadVashem institution, told about international seminars and conferences arranged. The guest also introduced the methodology developed by YadVashem school on- how to teach the Holocaust topic in educational institutions.

Participants of the seminar visited the old Jewish cemetery of Varėna and the mass massacre site of the Jews in Varėna. Ms.Rūta Jasevičienė, a coordinator of the Tolerance education center at Ąžuolas gymnasium in Varėna, on the basis of collected information from historical sources, told about the killings of the Jews in Varėna in 1941. The coordinator of the Tolerance education center emphasized the importance of teaching our students not only within the classroom, during the lesson, but also to attend historical sites and to communicate the message of what happened on that site.

The seminar was organized by the Secretariat of the International Commission together with Tolerance education center of Ąžuolas gymnasium in Varėna and the international partner – YadVashem – an international school in Israel on studying the Holocaust.