International Holocaust Remembrance Day events in Alytaus Adolfo Ramanausko-Vanago Gymnasium

January 21-26 are the days when Holocaust topic will be discussed in ethics, history, civil society studies, Lithuanian and English lessons.

On January 23 students will have an interdisciplinary lesson on ethics, history and theatre “The Stories of the Jews that Lived in Lithuanian Towns“, presented by teachers Meilė Platūkienė, Giedrė Škarnulienė and Svetlana Žadeikienė, to commemorate the International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

On January 24 the gymnasium will be visited by Kaunas IXth Fort Museum  educators who will engage students in educational activities “Jewish Culture and Achievements“, “Punish Not Forgive“ and “ If You Save One Life – You Save The World“.

On January 26 English teacher Jovita Žilinskienė will invite her students to watch episodes from “Shoah“ and have a discussion afterwards.

First gymnasium class students will have an interdisciplinary history – English lesson “History Through the Eyes of a Witness“ organised by teachers Asta Šulcienė and Ramunė Petrosian on January 29.