Lectures for teachers online from Israel

On 15-16 June Lithuanian teachers participated in lectures given remotely by a lecturer from YadVashem Ms. Noa Sigal. YadVashem is an international institution for Holocaust studies in Israel.

On 15 June a lecture was held on the YadVashem institution in Jerusalem, Israel. Lecturer Noa Sigal introduced the teachers to the history of the institution and the mission, procided for this organization. During the lecture, the lecturer explained that the name “yadvashem”, translated from Hebrew, means “memory and name”, thus one of the missions of this institution is to collect the names of murdered Jews. Lithuanian teachers learned that initially YadVashem was a center and archive for the research of the Holocaust history, and later a museum was founded as well as an international school for the Holocaust studies. The audience of the lecture were teachers who participate in the education program, implemented by the International Commission, and have not yet been on an internship in Israel.

On 16 June Lithuanian teachers took part in the lecture on  “Holocaust Remembrance Day to honour victims and heoric resistance against naczism in Israel – Yom Ha Shoah “. The lecture was given by lecturer Noa Sigal for teachers, who participated in the international summer seminar – an internship at YadVashem – an international school of Holocaust studies in 2019.

The lectures were organized online by the Secretariat of the International Commission together with YadVashem, an international school for Holocaust sudies in Israel.