More than half a hundred of Lithuanian teachers listened to a lecture by Algirdas Jakubčionis, a member of the International Commission

On 2 June teachers listened to the lecture by Assoc. prof. dr. Algirdas Jakubčionis, Member of the Subcommittee on investigation of crimes of the Soviet occupation regimes of the International Commission, on “An aggressive neighbor of Lithuania. And what comes next?”

The lecture took place online in the afternoon of June 2. More than half a hundred of Lithuanian teachers from various parts of the country participated in the online lecture by historian Algirdas Jakubčionis. The lecturer reviewed the history of Lithuania’s neighbour Russia from the Middle Ages to the present. Algirdas Jakubčionis illustrated in interesting historical examples the most important events in the country, the rulers of Russia and their policies. This lecture was organized on 15 June, marking the occupation of Lithuania that began in 1940.

The lecture was organized by the Secretariat of the International Commission.