Participants from Lithuania in the annual competition, hosted by the Russian educational center “Holocaust”

In January, representatives of the Tolerance education center of Vilnius Santara Gymnasium participated in the traditional event of the Russian educational center “Holocaust”, focused on presenting artistic and creative works on the Holocaust history and related topics.

Representatives of Vilnius Santara Gymnasium participated in the event in Moscow, held by the Russian science and education center “Holocaust”. Anastasija Narbutaitė (teacher Tatjana Bruskina) became the winner of the center’s annual research and artistic works competition “The memory on the Holocaust – a way to tolerance”. In this work A. Narbutaitė together with another pupil of this gymnasium Olga Podvorskytė analyzed the reflection of the Holocaust theme in Lithuanian media within 2016–2018. The pupils shared their insights in their work, stating that most people in Lithuania are tolerant and respect the memory of the victims of the Holocaust, participate in various events to honor the victims. During the event,  A.Narbutaite and other winners of the international competition were awarded by the Holocaust center. Participants of the event joined the global initiative “We Remember”.

Pupils of Panevėžys Rožynas progymnasium have already participated in the competition, organized by the Russian science and educational center “Holocaust” (in 2018), and were rewarded with letters of gratitude and diplomas. A few years ago this competition was won by Ugnė Rudinskaitė, a pupil from the Tolerance education center of Kaunas Art Gymnasium (teacher Marina Nenachova).