Siauliai Jewish community history in the seminar “Recalling History of Our Country”

5 August 20 educators of different TECs joined the external seminar in Siauliai.  The seminar aimed to introduce the
history of famous industrialist Chaim Frenkel, to visit the places of former Siauliai Ghettos (“Caucasus” and “Trakai Lake”) to learn about the destiny of Siauliai Jewish community in WWII, and visit mass murder sites.

A group of teachers visited Chaim Frenkel Villa-Museum and were introduced to the production of well-known
industrialist. The shoes made in this factory were famous not only in Siauliai, but also in Western Europe. After the
museum tour a representative of Siauliai Jewish community Aleksandras Kerbelis guided the group to the places
important to Siauliai Jewish community:  former synagogue building, Chaim Frenkel monument, the place of old Jewish cemetery, which was desecrated during the Soviet occupation. Seminar participants were warmly met at Siauliai Jewish community. Together with community members the teachers visited two mass murder sites: Gubernija forest, where more than 1000 Jewish men, women and children were killed, and Kuziai forest, where more than 8000 Jewish people were shot to death.

The external seminar was organised by the Secretariat of International Commission.