Teachers from Tolerance education centers and museum staff shared their experience

On 25 April a seminar “Nazi and Soviet occupation topics in lessons and after school activities” was held at Kalvarija Regional Museum, where teachers and museum staff from Tolerance education centers shared their experience on how to present occupation topics to the younger generation.

The seminar for educational staff took place at Kalvarija Regional Museum. The participants of the event were teachers and museum staff working in Tolerance education centers. In the first part participants of the seminar presented ideas of implemented lessons and projects – how to get the pupils interested in the history of their family, town or village. A team of teachers from Sasnava primary school shared the topic of implemented lessons on knotted dolls telling about the toys of children in the exile. Integrated English lessons and science lessons were presented and a close collaboration between museums and schools was discussed as well as the use of cinema and photography in the educational process. In the second part of the seminar, the participants of the event listened to the lecture by lecturer Dainius Noreika on the participants of resistance fights. After the historian’s lecture, all participants were invited to a cognitive excursion in Kalvarija, known as a multinational town until World War II.

The educational and methodological seminar was organized by the Secretariat of the International Commission together with the Tolerance Education Centre of Kalvarija Gymnasium and the Regional Museum of Kalvarija.