The commemoration of the obliterated Jewish community in Kuliai

On May 25th, Kuliai (Plungė region) hosted an event, dedicated to commemorating the memory of Jews who lived in Kuliai. During the event, a memorial table was unveiled on the house where members of the local Jewish community were kept before the fusillade.

To commemorate the remembrance of the local Jewish community was prompted by the Lithuanian Center for Human Rights, when n February it organized a workshop for teachers and museologists on “The Holocaust and Human Rights”. Kazimieras Garasimavičius, a teacher of Kuliai gymnasium, and Andrius Petraitis, the head of the regional museum, participated in the seminar. Participation in the seminar encouraged representatives of the Kuliai community to commemorate the memory of local Jews. The entire Kuliai Gymnasium Community and Plunge region municipality were involved in the implementation of the project.

In a short time, the information was gathered about a possible place of commemoration and on May 25th a memorial table was officially unveiled. The activities dedicated to monumentalization have not ended with this event – materials are currently being collected about Eta Odesaite, born in 1922 and killed in Kuliai in 1941. In the autumn of 2018 it is planned to inaugurate a memorial stone for Eta Odesaite.