The exhibition on the daily life of children in exile travels in October through January and visits 8 Tolerance education centers

In the middle of October, a traveling exhibition about the daily life of children living in exile began traveling in Lithuania –  visiting Tolerance education centers.

The material for the exhibition about childhood in exile was selected from the funds of Kaunas IXth Fort museum. Historical material tells about the lives of children in Krasnoyarsk oblast, in Yakutsk, Buryatia and the Komi Republic.

The exhibition is targeted to pupils of 5th-12th grades of Lithuanian comprehensive schools. Using the question-and-answer form, visitors to the exhibition will have the opportunity to share their thoughts, observations on the physical and psychological state of the children back then in Siberia and in the current conditions, and to compare life under the occupation system and in a free country.

From mid-October to mid-January, the exhibition will visit 8 schools – Tolerance education centers.

The project is being implemented by Kaunas IXth Fort museum in cooperation with the International Commission.