The sakura planted will cherish historical memory

On April 17 a team of the Tolerance Education Center of Kalvarija gymnasium participated in the planting of sakura in Kalvarija.

On April 17 the 20th anniversary of Kalvarija municipality was celebrated in Kalvarija. To mark the date, representatives of Kalvarija authorities planted 20 sakura trees. Sakura was chosen to commemorate the friendly relations of the Tolerance Education Center of Kalvarija gymnasium and Kalvarija Municipality with the Embassy of Japan in Lithuania. These trees were chosen as a symbol that reminded viewers that life is short and beautiful. The planting of sakura did not mark only the anniversary of the municipality of Kalvarija, it also commemorated national communities of Kalvarija, the biggest of which was Jewish, that grew and prospered, but were lost due to the policies pursued by totalitarian regimes.

In 2015 the TEC of Kalvarija gymnasium implemented a project “Who was Chiune Sugihara”, which involved the entire community of the gymnasium. Representatives of the gymnasium met the son of Chiune Sugihara during implementation of the project, established contacts with the Tsuruga school. Kalvarija gymnasium and Tsuruga school are constantly exchanging pupils’ creative works, exhibitions are being organized.