The seminar focused on discussion not only the topics of history, but also the advantages of teamwork

On 5-6 March, the Multicultural center of Kėdainiai Regional Museum hosted a seminar for teacher and school leaders, who work in schools with Tolerance education centers.

The participants of the seminar listened to lectures on xenophobia and the causes of stereotypes. Dr. Algirdas Davidavičius talked about the development of empathy in discussions on sensitive historical topics. The historian of the International Commission dr. Arūnas Bubnys analyzed the prevailing stereotypes when it comes to totalitarian regimes. A review and discussion of the film “The Purim Miracle” was held at the event. The teachers were introduced to new, interactive exhibitions of Kėdainiai Regional Museum, and participated in a cognitive excursion in Kėdainiai environs.

The seminar focused not only on the topics of history, but much was discussed about teamwork at Tolerance education centers, cooperation between Tolerance education centers and opportunities to implement projects that foster historical memory.

The seminar was organized by the Secretariat of the International Commission in cooperation with Kėdainiai Regional Museum.